Kinga and Maciej Krzyminscy, photographic duo, educators and socially engaged artists, who photograph and explore topics around identity, home and emigration.

Kinga i Maciej have met during their studies at the Plymouth Arts University, where they felt in love not only with photographic medium, but also became partners in life. 

They are currently living in Plymouth, working on a number of personal and socially engaged projects. Regularly visiting their home country, where they run creative and educational workshops.

"Art has played a role in my life as long as I can remember. Through life, I have been keenly sensitive to the visual world. For me, it comes naturally to "see" the world on a level foreign to most. " - Kinga

We use photography as a way of self-expression, we combine passion and our personal life experience in order to construct images which reflects the world around us.

People and their stories are our great inspiration, and in our work we explore the world of a new relationships and hidden qualities of our characters. Better understanding of the reality allows us to reinterpret the world in our own, sometimes surreal and abstract form.
For us, camera is like a window to the new unexplored world, where we can focus on things which in the real world can be easily overlooked. We are inspired by natural light to create a contrast, constructive aesthetics, which combine a true value of experience and evokes something between a dream and an obliterated memory.

For the last 9 years, we have produced an array of commercial, documentary and personal work, and we are the founders of creative workshops /peArspektywy/ in Poland. Currently we are working with communities, developing socially engaged photography projects, and workshops.

We find constant inspirations simply by celebrating life and remaining aware with our "eyes wide open", but also by people we meet and places we go. We appreciate the raw reality of everyday life and the beauty of those 'between moments'. Visual communication has immense power on our society, and that's why for us, creating images is a very exciting way to contribute to creating authentic images that make people feel inspired and satisfied. 

We are open for collaborations and commissioned work.



tel: (+44) 7739 569662

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